Accessory dwelling unit

Posted by LAVAN CONSTRUCTION on Jan 15 2020, 08:51 AM

Accessory dwelling units or ADUs are essentially small accommodations that are built on the same grounds as that of the house. You must've seen a small accommodation somewhere in your neighborhood that is attached to the main house, or just above the garage, or perhaps in the backyard. Such a 'mini-house' is called an ADU.

Legally speaking, an ADU can't be sold or bought separately without buying the main dwelling. It forms a part of the entire property, which is why it can only be leased or rented out if required. In other words, the owner of the main house holds the ownership of the ADU as well.

Why build an accessory dwelling unit?

ADUs can be quite useful, especially when you could use a few extra dollars to pay your bills. In a country like the United States, many households are built too big for the limited number of people living in it. As an alternative, one can have a reasonably-sized main house along with an ADU built. This gives you ample space for you and your family along with an extra accommodation which you can use for multiple purposes or even rent out if you wish to.

Let's say you're someone who likes to keep your loved ones close. You could use the ADU for social benefits as well by having your grown up child, friends, or your mother live in it. Another great use of an ADU is to store some of the extra items you have at home which you don't use quite often, such as automobile tools, an extra bed, fishing gear, etc.

Types of ADUs

An ADU is required to have certain amenities that make it eligible to be rented out. Some of them are a kitchen, a bathroom, a storage area, and a sleeping area. Based on the nature of the accommodation, here are some of the different types of ADUs:

Detached ADU: A detached ADU is one that is not in physical contact with the primary dwelling. It lies within the boundaries of the property as an independent structure.

Garage conversion: An existing garage could be converted into an ADU by equipping it with all the required amenities. Sometimes, an ADU could be built above the garage as well.

Attached ADU: An ADU that is physically attached to the primary dwelling is called an attached ADU. Such an ADU may not be suitable for renting out, but would be great for personal use.

Interior ADU: An ADU that lies within the boundaries of the primary dwelling is called an interior ADU. A basement would be the perfect example for this type.

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