Construction finish materials for homes

Posted by Lavan Construction on Dec 16 2019, 10:29 PM

Construction involves some of the smartest minds that we can come across. Most of us think of construction as mainly physical work requiring a lot of workforces and huge machines. However, along with these factors, a lot of planning and smart thinking is involved.

Construction of any nature mainly consists of two types of materials, namely rough materials and finish materials. Rough materials are the ones that form the base for construction, such as concrete, iron beams, lumber, plumbing, etc. Finish materials are the ones that add more detail to the basic structure that has been erected. Some of the common examples are flooring, ceiling materials, knobs, lighting, interior, and exterior paint, etc.

Common finish materials

Although rough materials form the basic structure of a building, it is the work of finish materials to provide the aesthetic touch to make it appear more pleasing. Along with enhancing the building's appearance, finish materials also physically complete the structure, such as in the case of wall finishes, roof finishes, and flooring. Based on the extensive categorization of finish materials, they can be divided into the following types:


Flooring is one of the most attractive types of furnishing that everyone notices as soon as they enter a house. hIn fact, choosing the right kind of flooring makes the house looks more luxurious. Some of the popularly used flooring materials are vitrified tiles, wood, rubber, granite, marble, mosaic, magnesite, etc. Among these, Oakwood and Italian marble are perhaps the most desired ones owing to their appearance, durability, and longevity.

Wall finishes

What would you like to see on your wall every day as soon as you wake up? A suitable wallpaper, a few paintings, or perhaps an excellent paint job that sets your mood, right? All these are part of wall finishes, which are mainly intended to make your house look more beautiful. Some of the other wall finishes can be done by tiling, plastering, skirting, custom-designer paintings, etc.

Ceiling finishes

Though the ceiling doesn't turn a lot of heads, a shabby one can attract all the unwanted attention. The roof has to be smoothed out and plastered to avoid any leakage. Ceiling linings also come in handy in such cases. Based on your preference, you could also choose from finish materials such as ceiling paper, plasterboard, claddings, polystyrene, etc. to make your ceiling more attractive. Along with these, the right type of lighting makes the entire room a visual treat to look at.

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